Dainty-Crafts - Handmade Jewlery Dishes
Individually Handmade With Love
Each Dish Is Special and Unique
Customize With Your Favorite Names and Dates

Welcome to Dainty-Crafts. My name is Laura K., the founder and artist of this little handmade gift shop in the beautiful island of Penang.

All my life I’ve always loved making handmade gifts for the people that I love. Receiving heartfelt and handmade gifts always brings out an amazing feeling of joy and appreciation.

I wanted to be able to share this feeling with others, and what better way than with my all time favorite creations; Handmade clay jewelry dishes that can be personalized with the names of your loved ones, special dates, and favorite phrases. And best of all, they are really affordable 🙂

I take great pride in my work and with my handmade jewelry dishes, you can be assured you’ll be getting only the best…as each one is made with care, love, and specially for you.

Thank you 🙂